22 Apr 2023 | Knowledge

Download: LiFi is Ready For Mainstream

About the paper

LiFi is at a turning point. Rapid advancements in speed, capability, miniaturisation, cost reduction, standardisation and capability coupled with data consumption, security and use case trends will soon put LiFi within reach of the mainstream industry, business and consumer applications. Mass market commercialisation is just over the horizon. pureLiFi and the United States Army are now rolling out the world’s first large-scale LiFi deployment following successful trials. The same benefits of high capacity, low latency and security that make LiFi attractive for defence users carry over directly to mainstream use cases.

What the paper covers

  • Changes is living and working trends and the impact on connectivity
  • How LiFi compliments and enhances 5G, WiFi and even 6G targets
  • Real world applications of LiFi

Download the paper

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