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XR productivity and efficiency with the power and security of LiFi.

Military Grade LiFi for XR

Using the LiFi HALO with our Kitefin system for defence allows you to take advantage LiFi security features for XR use cases.

LiFi is not vulnerable to eavesdropping through walls or tent canvas and is highly resistant to even close-range jamming attempts. Designed to counter insider threats, data transmitted is only available to the right people in the right place.

The system has been deployed at scale by the US Army.

Full Movement & Reliability

The LiFi HALO multi-transceiver design utilises LiFi transceivers that allow optimal movement within a space. The HALO uses pureLiFi’s propriety logic to ensure wherever the user’s head is positioned within the cone of connectivity, the XR experience is seamless and reliable.

LiFi XR Ready to Go

Ready for Microsoft Hololens

The LiFi HALO is compatible with an off-the-shelf Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted display.

Fully Networked for Full Mobility

pureLiFi solutions offer full mobility as our systems are fully networked and based on 802.11 protocols meaning that not only can users move between APs seamlessly, but adding LiFi access points to your existing WiFi network is straightforward.

How Does it Work?

An XR device can be LiFi enabled with the LiFi HALO which is a snap-on LiFi accessory. The HALO acts as the LiFi interface between the Access Point (AP) and the head-mounted-display.

The LiFi Access Point

The AP provides high-speed secure and RF free communications within the cone of coverage. The AP can then be powered and connected to the backhaul via a range of options including, PoE or Power and Ethernet.

Want to Deploy the LiFi Halo?

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