20 Apr 2023 | Knowledge

Download: The Next Generation of Security & Connectivity

About the paper

Current wireless communications such as WiFi and cellular are pervasive – we use them every day. However, these technologies have limitations and challenges that prevent them from being used in certain environments or limit bandwidth and the user experience.

LiFi can extend wireless communications to new environments and push existing technologies to new limits. LiFi uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data allowing for reliable, high-speed, low latency connections with military grade security. The applications for LiFi are limitless. Anywhere there is an LED there can be data.

This paper co-developed with Getac provides an overview of some of the core benefits of deploying LiFi systems in defence, industrial, and manufacturing environments.

What the paper covers

  • History and core benefits of LiFi
  • Security properties of LiFi
  • Applications in defence, energy, manufacturing

Download the paper

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