20 Apr 2023 | Knowledge

Video Presentation: A Light Connected World

About the Presentation

This is where it all began. Our co-founder and CSO, Professor Harald Haas introduced LiFi to the world at a Ted Global Talk in 2011 at the University of Edinburgh. During his Ted Global Talk Haas introduced the concept of using light to transmit data wirelessly, which he named “LiFi.” He demonstrated how he could use a standard LED light bulb to transmit data at high speeds, and explained how this technology could revolutionize the way we access and transmit data, particularly in situations where traditional radio frequency (RF) communication is not feasible or desirable. His talk, titled “Wireless Data from Every Light Bulb,” quickly went viral and has since been viewed online over 2.5 million times. It sparked a wave of interest and research in LiFi, and has been credited with helping to popularize the concept of LiFi and bring it to the attention of a wider audience.

What the podcast covers

  • LiFi history
  • Harald Haas
  • LiFi in the future

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